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We know that referee’s and match officials not only need to be ‘on the ball’, they also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their players and maintain discipline throughout the match. As with most organisations, rules and procedures are often updated meaning regular training is essential.

We get that it can be difficult to keep appetites large when it comes to learning the rules and regs, but with a bit of creativity, it can be done. Our eLearning courses focus on making the learner journey enjoyable and engaging through personalised learning and interactive design. 

Personalised Learning

It’s well documented that personalisation increases engagement.  

A recent eLearning course we worked on with the EFL, Playing for Inclusion was highly personalised. Learners could select their club and role within it, then, the content and design would adapt accordingly, displaying their clubs’ colours and badge on the screen.

For the International Olympics Committee (IOC) we developed an Intelligent Entry Point allowing the system to understand the user and then offer content that was relevant to them. In both scenarios, learner's were offered content most relevant to them, making learning more personal and engaging. 

Interactive Design

With a team of talented designers and developers, we can make learning lively. We use animation, illustration, video and more to tell a story and create a journey based on the learner’s choices.

We use multiple choice quizzes and life-like scenarios learners can get involved with and relate to. By using interactive quizzes, badges and rewards, we can test the learners understanding of the subject in an informal, more light-hearted way. These methods are often popular with the learner but also benefit training managers, coaches and executives who can access the data via a user-friendly LMS.

The Challenges for Clients

One of the main challenges our clients face is how to condense high volumes of important and often sensitive information into short modules that are relevant and easy to digest. That’s where our experience and expertise is invaluable. Using a variety of tools and techniques we break the content down into manageable portions that don’t overload the learner. Instead of using large word documents, PDFs and presentations, our eLearning uses short videos, comic book style illustrations and animation to make learning livelier. 

Having worked alongside sports organisations for over 20 years on a variety of projects, from events to design and eLearning, we understand how to talk to players and referee's, offering constructive solutions to support your training department. 

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