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TEDx is an independent, volunteer-led event, inspired and supported by TED a world leading organisation that brings inspirational thinkers and speakers together to inspire millions of people every day.

As proud sponsors of the event, we’ll be joining award-winning business leaders, charity workers, academics and speakers as they explore one of the oldest emotions ‘fear’ and what a world free from fear would be like.

Being a creative company, we put passion and a great deal of ourselves into the work that we do. Our designers, developers and creatives, often push the boundaries and face the fears associated with doing this. As the years have gone by we’ve learnt to embrace that fear, if we’re not learning, evolving or trying new things, put simply we're not doing our job.

Working closely with sports, education and healthcare, our clients are often presented with new and unique challenges to overcome. We enjoy supporting them, finding creative and digital solutions to solve problems and promote the valuable work they do. With this in mind, partnering with TEDx Brayford Pool felt like a natural fit!

 "As a local company whose focus is creativity, technology and innovation we feel that TEDx aligns with our values which is why we are happy to be sponsoring the event.”

Shane Traill, Director, First Media

Over the past few years, Lincoln has grown significantly and is fast becoming a cultural hub. The city’s growth in teacher training, biochemistry and engineering are attracting national and global attention, encouraging creative and academic thinkers to the area as well as a growing number of creative and start-up businesses. We’re looking forward to meeting like-minded people and exploring new concepts.

If you’re interested in attending, the event is being held on the 30th June 2018, full details including speakers, performers and ticket prices can be found on the TEDxBrayfordPool website.

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