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To keep up with increased demands and rising tuition fees, the way in which Universities deliver education needs to evolve.

To remain competitive Universities need to meet the requirements of current and future generations. This means finding ways to fit in with busy lifestyles, budgets and ways of reaching a larger target audience. With the continued technical developments, for many, eLearning now offers the quality and customised approach worth taking seriously.

This transition is already happening with leading UK Universities. Only last month The University of London announced their first fully fledged BSc course taught completely online. It’s predicted that this move will lead the way and encourage others to follow.

These changes don’t mean to say the classroom is redundant, more that it needs to become more mobile. Elearning provides a truly global platform, reaching a wider audience and enhancing social mobility. With online learning, the learning can be delivered where the learner is and at a reduced fee. This option would enable those who can’t afford to live away from home, or are unable to attend regular classes an alternative. Even with courses that require blended learning, using outreach centres, hotels and meeting rooms learning becomes more flexible meeting the needs of the student.

Having produced eLearning for over a decade, we’ve developed our own multi-device, mobile responsive Framework. With custom eLearning design we can integrate your course material into branded, online modules packed full of interactive and useful features and resources. This is exactly what we did for The Engineering Department at the University of Hull. The University wanted to reach a wider audience, with a course that met the needs of part-time and full-time students.  Using the Flipped Classroom concept, we designed flexible, functional modules that encouraged self-directed learning skills, flipping traditional learning around. With flipped classroom, the learner completes the learning modules in their own time via eLearning and then meets with the class and tutor to discuss the results. For this to work, the courses have to be rich in multi-media including video tutorials, interactive exercises and integrating third party solutions. For The University of Hull this included integrating third party solutions including, Dropbox and Skype.

We believe that custom built courses provide a rich learning experience that is planned, purposeful and delivers measurable results.

“Over 75% of learners preferred the new courses to traditional learning and over 88% benefited from taking the learning in their own time at home. Most of the learners said they liked the ‘Flipped Classroom’ with over 78% saying they would recommend it to a friend” - Hull University

With the right strategy, integration and tools eLearning can transform the learning experience benefiting both the learner and learning provider.

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We offer a variety of eLearning options from custom built to templated solutions (Adapt). Whichever route you choose our team can ensure it will integrate seamlessly with your LMS.

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