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As a team of event professionals we know how much planning and prep goes into creating a successful conference or event. Whether you’re planning an annual conference, dinner, summit, workshop, product launch or any other event… alongside budget and timescales there are 5 main things to consider.

1. Venue

Choosing the right venue for your guests is important. It needs to accommodate delegates comfortably. It needs to be located in an accessible area and offer the service and functionality you need. This means carefully considering the logistics. Ask yourself,

  • Is the venue easily accessible by road, rail and close to a bus route?
  • Does it have safe and adequate parking, including disabled parking spaces?
  • Is it accessible for disabled guests inside? Does it have automatic doors, ramps and lifts?
  • Other things to consider are, does it have overnight accommodation for guests who are traveling from further afield? Is there catering on site or will you need to source this separately.

Once you have established the answer to these questions and are satisfied it fulfils all the basic requirements, you need to consider the practicalities of sound, lighting, branding and event design.

As experienced event producers we always recommend a visit to the venue you have in mind prior to booking. As part of events service we offer a venue finding and management service, taking the hassle away and giving you a peace of mind that your venue ticks all the boxes.

2. Theme


Choosing a theme for your event can really spice it up. It creates a buzz and gets people talking. Themes can be as imaginative or simple as you like, from movie themes to classic family board games we’ve done it all!

Using a theme throughout your event can also help to inspire the event design, creating an impact on your guests from start to finish. We’ve used themes to keep our events lively, for example, using Deal or No Deal as the theme for a workshop. Inspired by the popular TV show we created replicas of the red boxes which were opened by delegates and informed the group of the next task.

Themes are fab and easy to do with the right support. Simply call us with your ideas and we’ll talk them through with you.

3. Audio Visual

Choosing an AV company is an important part of the planning process, you need to know your conference is in safe hands. There could be nothing worse than weeks and months of planning for things to fall apart on the day/night. With our holistic approach to events nothing is overlooked and everything is meticulously planned. We can help with all aspects of audio visual support. From sound and lighting to equipment hire and technical support. Our team are on hand to help from start to finish…

4. Event Design

Event design lifts the feel of the conference. It can elevate a standard event to be spectacular, boosting the whole experience for your delegates. To do this the event design needs to be striking, coherent and consistent with the theme and content of your event.

We work with most of our clients from planning to completion. This helps us to understand their key messages, applying them to all aspects of the design and content. We support with more than just the branding, set, stage, banners, video and digital displays. We produce presentations, event websites and promotional materials including leaflets, brochures and merchandise.

5. Technology

Technology and innovation are central to the success of your conference. With today’s audience

It’s important to use both traditional and digital methods of communication. For events and conferences a wide variety of event apps and integrated systems are available. Using tools and tech such as voting systems boosts engagement and encourages delegate interaction. The live voting system we use is fully integrated with social media meaning everything is done in real time.

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