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They are spending over 20 minutes a day looking for other jobs on Indeed or distracting themselves with messages and phone calls.

So why the current trend? Figures from the Chartered Institute of Personal Development CIPD, show that almost one in four workers are looking to leave their jobs because of the failure of managers to engage and retain staff. The main reasons for dissatisfaction were,

  • Unfair management processes
  • Lack of personal development
  • Unclear career pathways
  • Wanting a more positive work environment
  • Expecting higher salaries.

Much of the above can be attributed to economic uncertainty for employers and employees alike. However, there are things that can be done to improve the situation. The CIPD advises that creating clearer career pathways and thinking of new ways to keep employees engaged will help to keep your workforce focussed and committed.

How eLearning Can Help

Whether you want to clearly outline career pathways, enthuse new and existing staff about your organisation or need to upskill your team, eLearning can help with it all.

Over the years we have worked with large brands and educational organisations to create bespoke eLearning. These courses have included staff and brand inductions, health and safety, wellbeing, equality and diversity, compliance and much more. Online learning offers organisations a contemporary platform that can be used not only to reach, inspire and engage your team but also to measure and reward individual achievement and understanding by…

  • Streamlining key messages
  • Presenting clear career pathways
  • Simplifying complex policies, processes and procedures
  • Providing accredited courses for personal and career development
  • Connecting to online communities for employees
  • Measuring and rewarding learner understanding and achievement
  • Using effective communication, developed specifically for your target audience
  • Flexible learning at the employees own pace
  • Easily updated information (no need to re-print hefty manuals, a win on the eco front too!).

Making it Bespoke

Our eLearning is created bespoke to your business. It clearly identifies your vision, ethos and brand values. Bespoke eLearning takes your new recruit on a journey, helping them discover and understand your company and how they can be a key part of business growth, change or development. Our courses clearly outline career paths, enthusing and inspiring your new team. Achieving this buy-in from the start is likely to create a lasting impression and company loyalty.

How Staff and Brand Inductions Create More Clarity

Staff and brand inductions are a particularly good example of how eLearning can solve some of the issues represented in the research. Online staff and brand inductions are great ways to clarify career pathways and management processes.

Staff Inductions

Or ‘onboarding’ is a great way to engage and inspire new recruits giving them a clear understanding of your business, how they can be a part of it and how they can progress within it. They can also be used to direct new starters to exciting social events they can be a part of within the company, creating a positive impression of their working environment and of your company from the beginning.

With staff inductions newbies can embark on a journey of discovery, learning about your organisations

  • Ethos
  • Brand values
  • Policy, Process & Procedure
  • Career pathways
  • Social events…and more!

However, eLearning isn’t just for the new recruits, it can be used to update, test and improve your current employees learning and understanding, providing employers with measured results.

Brand Inductions

Brand inductions are a great way of understanding what your employees think or know about your organisation and the significance of their role within it. Brand inductions often include similar (but more in depth) content to staff induction courses and as result can be used as part of onboarding or as a standalone course. Brand inductions explain the thought processes, main pillars and how each employee is a representative of the brand. Our experience of brand induction courses is that they increase understanding and loyalty within a team. They make individuals feel as through they are something bigger than themselves and that they are part of something special.

This in turn should help promote positivity in the workplace.

View our example of how SAKS Hair and Beauty used brand inductions to enthuse new apprentices.

Creating Positive Working Environments

Elearning is part of a wider solution in creating a positive working environment, needless to say, reward, recognition, social inclusion, wage expectation and management all have their roles to play. As we talked about with the staff and brand inductions. eLearning can help enthuse, engage and inspire employees. It can also help them to,

  • feel a part of something
  • increase understanding
  • identify progression routes.

Our eLearning goes even further, embracing effective and modern communication techniques, personalised learning and incentivised outcomes.

Personalised eLearning

Whether an employee has been with you five days or five years, each individual brings with them a different level of knowledge and understanding.

For example, a new employee may have a greater understanding of your equality and diversity policy than one that has been with you longer. This can be due to life experience, study or previous exposure.  One employee may have researched your brand guidelines in more depth than the other.

With this in mind, no two learning journeys need to be the same.  We can create personalised learning journeys by providing alternative pathways throughout the course. Personalised eLearning gathers intelligence on the learners understanding through their interactions on the course. It can focus on the area’s the learner needs more clarity on and fast track those they seem more familiar with.

This method keeps your staff interested and engaged, rather than frustrated by a ‘one-size fits all approach’.

Bite Sized Approach

With people’s average attention span now thought to be less than a goldfish (see Microsoft Corp report 2015!) you need to keep your messages, short and simple. By creating interactive learning in bite-sized chunks, keeps content fresh, informative and (where applicable) fun!

Story Telling Techniques

We use life like scenarios and content people can relate to in all of our courses. We use a multimedia approach, using video, photography, illustrations and animation to keep the learner engaged with the story.  

Micro Learning

Micro Learning integrates eLearning with social media and online communities. It enables learners to easily like, share, post and discuss ideas with their peers and colleagues. It’s a great way of sharing knowledge and building relationships, which in turn can help to improve the working environment.

Email for more information

Rewarding Achievement

eLearning uses techniques from the gaming industry called gamification. Throughout the course the learner is working towards an outcome, whether it is achieving a badge, certificate or competing with their peers. This gives learners an incentive to complete the course to the best of their ability. It also serves as a morale booster; you could even host an awards ceremony for those who have completed the course!


Our courses are designed with both the learner and the company in mind.  For management and HR, you can have a vibrant, streamlined process that

  • Informs and inspires
  • Achieves and measures results
  • Works with existing systems e.g. LMS
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Is easily updated (providing an eco-friendly alternative to printing new policy, procedure and guidelines).
  • Boost staff morale

For employee’s eLearning can provide a solution to issues that lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace, contributing to better understanding, performance and overall wellbeing at work.

All of our courses are SCORM compliant and work on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices.

Sample our eLearning (add data capture form to access the demo) / View our Work – leading to case studies  

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