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Time to get rid of unnecessary clutter, refresh and revive your events plan with a few energising techniques. Here are three simple rules that will help transform your conferences and events into uplifting experiences your audience will get involved in and enjoy.

  1. Captivate
  2. Communicate
  3. Delegate

Captivate your audience with vibrant visuals, exciting themes and inspiring content. From fully branded rooms and areas to themed workshops and digital displays. Bring the energy to your venue with great lighting, large banners, stand out set designs, video and creative themes.  Keep the audience alert and alive with themed workshops and activities. Take inspiration from quiz shows and TV themes that everyone can relate to and enjoy.


Conferences are two-way conversations, intended to inspire and inform the audience as well as gathering their opinions and feedback along the way.

Keeping them engaged and involved can be a challenge. Even the best and most dynamic of speakers and leaders can struggle at times to get the audience to speak up. This is often because for many people voicing their thoughts in front of their boss, peers or a room full of strangers is an uncomfortable experience. Using a blend of traditional and digital techniques we can transform that experience into something enjoyable and memorable.

With simple ideas like using live voting systems and integrated social media we can help you create a buzz. The audience can take part anonymously (if they want) by using the voting pad or a relevant # to answer questions or give their opinion, ensuring you get the collective responses you need. What is more, it instantly analyses responses from guests present in the room or from all over the world, monitoring a displaying them up as part of your presentation.

Keep the audience’s attention by mixing it up. Use video, animation, graphics, photography, illustration and live polling throughout your presentations making them varied and engaging, optimising opportunity and impact on the day.  


Conferences and events can be beasts to organise, having a professional events company onside enables you to concentrate on your speakers, guests and networking.

With over 18 years’ experience in the events industry we know how to look after you and your event and offer a holistic approach to conferences and events. From the bigger picture ideas to the finer details we can cover it all.


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