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We have found that using audience response systems helps to ease the tension, creating a more inclusive, honest environment where attendees feel confident to answer questions and take part using, voting pads or event apps on their mobile phones.

Voting Pads

Offer a fun way for your audience to get involved and can be used for the following five activities,

  1. Fun Quiz
  2. Opinion polling
  3. Event feedback
  4. Test or Assessment
  5. Voting

The system we use links directly to your presentation allowing you to prepare quizzes and polls receiving results in real time. This simple method captures the mood of all of the delegates rather than a few individuals who are confident enough to comment. The data can be used to create further discussion during the presentation or analysed afterwards providing reports for CEO’s, board members and senior management to review.


Event Apps

In a similar way to the voting pads we can use event apps to transform learning and interaction creating more of a two-way conversation. Our event apps can…

  • be customised with your branding,
  • downloaded on mobile phones and laptops
  • accessed from anywhere in the world
  • integrated within your presentation to create live polls
  • used for Q&A
  • encourage interaction amongst delegates sharing top tips
  • create anonymity, allowing everyone to have a voice
  • be moderated and screened by presenters before allowing comments to appear
  • used to create reports identifying gaps in knowledge or understanding.

Providing a simple and fun way to enhance your event and increase participation. 

How We Can Help

We have used voting pads and event apps at multiple events, meetings and conferences over the last few years. We find they boost interaction between the audience and speakers, lifting the event and providing valuable insights. They are often requested as a part of our conference and events packages by many of our clients.

Call 01507 607783 or email hello@firstmedia for more details.

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