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Brand values are important and SAKS believe they are a key part of their 40 years of success. By promoting the brand to employee’s, apprentices and new recruits SAKS explain their company values, gaining important buy in from people who represent the brand on a daily basis.

SAKS wanted to create an induction that inspired employee’s making them feel a part of something special. With lots of detailed information including,

  • Brand Essence
  • Customer Profiling
  • Rational & Emotional Drivers
  • Brand Promise
  • SAKS Community
  • Career Paths
  • Core Values

It was our job to simplify it into something easy to understand and user friendly. 

With a large proportion of SAKS employees (as well as the majority of the future global workforce) growing up in the digital age, traditional printed manuals simply don’t cut it. At best they are flicked through and at worst not read at all. E-learning is an increasingly popular method of onboarding and communicating brand values to new recruits. It provides a flexible, modern way of reaching and engaging your workforce, benefiting from mobile responsive design it will work seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Forward thinking companies such as SAKS recognise eLearning as an effective method of communication, information and inspiration for their team, as well as the many other business benefits it can create. 

The Brand Induction programme we have developed them explains their brand values in a stylish, interactive and user friendly way. It is eye catching, with bite size content that they can relate to and easily digest.

The programme takes employee’s on a journey, gently introducing them to the company, its unique selling points, history, ethos, culture, values and vision. The modules are designed to keep the learner’s attention using a mixture of motion graphics, video and photography. The course uses multiple choice quizzes to ensure the learner has read, listened to, watched and understood key messages. In order to move onto the next section, they need to watch a video take part in an interactive activity or answer a question.

Employees can absorb the information in their own time, revisiting sections if they need to and are given unlimited chances to get the answers right. This makes the learning process feel less formal, more personal and takes away the pressure of the classroom training environment. This being said, the classroom environment and blended learning are still valuable methods of teaching.

Learners can stop and start the programme as they need and once they have completed it they earn a certificate. 

The use of friendly, conversational language makes the user feel at ease and repetition of, for example the word ‘special’ makes them feel exactly that. The e-learning programme creates an induction to the brand that evokes a sense of pride in the learner. It makes them aware that they are part of this exciting brand and that there is great opportunity to progress within the company and play an important role in its future.

“We’ve worked closely with SAKS to create a fully interactive Induction experience, which will transform the way new staff are inducted. Our main emphasis in producing the course was to communicate the core values of SAKS through engaging activities and highly visual content. The company’s focus is on making people feel Special, so ultimately we wanted new people to feel ‘Special’ too!”

Shane Traill, Director First Media

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