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With busy lives and a multitude of communication techniques, most people’s lives are intrinsically linked to their mobile phones, tweeting, posting and messaging every few minutes. Embracing this behaviour within the event can increase interaction. In other words, embracing digital interactive experiences is the way forward.

“The best events inform, inspire and enthuse the audience leaving them thinking and talking about their experience during and after the event”

Steve Howard – Events Coordinator

To make your event stand out, the marketing, set design, lighting, sound, catering, presentation, and interaction should all combine to deliver a seamless immersive experience.  Your key messages, product and brand should be seen, heard and remembered, maximising the impact of the event.

With the help of digital technology event experiences are growing in popularity. They offer a rare blend of human and digital interaction, making them more exciting than a webinar! The quality of the experience and the measurable outcomes ensure return on investment.

Having worked alongside The FA, The International Serviced Apartment Summit, The Premier League, Marketing the Humber and many other clients we know how to create the right blend of creativity and connectivity tailored to the client and their audience.


However moderate or out the box your ideas are, working with a creative design team can bring them to life. Good creative companies should be able to take your ideas and enhance them using a blend of creative design and digital technology.

Your event should look great, sound amazing and run seamlessly with vibrant and professional,

  • Set designs
  • Banners
  • Visual and digital displays.
  • Media rich presentations- including video, animation and illustrations.

Creating a theme and introducing games (if appropriate) can make the day exciting and enjoyable. Your creative company should also be able to help you with this.


Everything you do should be designed to connect to your audience. Using the latest tools and technology including…

  • Live voting systems
  • Live streaming,
  • Integrated social media,
  • E-learning and tablet devices

You can create an interactive and more personal experience which captures the opinions of the day and provides data and measures outcomes for future analysis.

Combined & Bespoke

By combining creativity with connectivity you can create an immersive experience which is tailored to your audience and offers a more personal approach.

Successful event experiences are always looking for innovative ways of communicating with their audience, big brands including Burberry have made a comeback through this approach.

A few years ago, Burberry was struggling, labelled as a ‘chav’ brand and dealing with a rise in counterfeit goods. Having been an iconic British brand since 1856 they needed a route back in…

This route was to target millennials through a joint digital and event experience strategy. As a result, Burberry became a pioneer of integrating digital and social media in to events.

At London fashion week they used a combination of live streaming and ecommerce, to enable consumers to order the items featured on the runway there and then from their mobile phone to be collected on the day. Turning their digital content into sales.

How We Can Help

We have a unique set up. We not only offer event management and technical production services we also provide creative and digital design, marketing and eLearning. This enables us to support customers with each stage of the process combining our creative wizardry with technical know-how.

We challenge ourselves to push the boundaries, coming up with new ideas and ways to enhance events and turn them into the ultimate event experience.

If you are planning event, why not give us a call?

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