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E-learning Induction Training offers a user friendly, consistent approach which can be rolled out across multiple office departments and locations. It benefits the employee, HR department and the business as a whole by providing;

  1. Positive - experiences for new employees
  2. Efficient- adaptable resources
  3. Consistent messaging- throughout all offices and departments
  4. Measurable outcomes – reassurance for HR

Creating a Positive Experience

Creating a vibrant, informative e-learning programme will engage your new employee much more than a bulky manual (which is often skim read at best!) New employees can take their time to explore individual areas of interest, returning to them as and when they wish. The programme will give them a real feel for the organisation, its culture, goals and how they can be a part of it.

Efficient and Adaptable Resources

E-learning is usually developed to be mobile responsive meaning it can be used on any device, at any time and in any location. This is beneficial to a busy HR or training department who cannot be in two places at the same time. Due to time pressures most managers and supervisors don’t get the time they need with new team members so inductions are often;

  • Scheduled later than planned
  • Shortened in order to meet other time sensitive issues
  • Not completed or completed by different individuals over a number of days

This can lead to important messages being missed or not retained. Good E-learning packages are designed with knowledge of cognitive processes to engage and retain the learner keeping their interest through gamification techniques. These methods include goals and badges which aim to incentivise the learner. The data from each individual learner can be captured and exported giving managers and HR departments reassurance that the information has been read and understood.

E-learning induction is a flexible solution for global businesses because it can be translated and localised depending on the needs of staff around the globe.

Consistent Messages

Training sessions are often delivered by more than one person in an organisation and across multiple locations. This can lead to the information being interpreted differently and in some instances language barriers may prevent clear understanding of key messages. With e-learning one department e.g. HR or marketing would be in charge of the content. Changes to legislation, health and safety, policy and procedure can be made and translated on the easily, ensuring consistency across the company or organisation. It also provides an affordable and efficient solution for such changes saving on re-prints of introduction materials e.g. booklets, presentations.

Measurable Outcomes

E-learning inductions make it easy to monitor and record when new staff have completed the training. You can then measure its effectiveness by seeing how many new staff are able to complete the tasks they are taught through the e-learning inductions e.g. reporting absence and requesting annual leave.


Using e-learning as an induction training tool can offer many benefits to your business or organisation including;

  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Flexibility
  • Consistency
  • Positive representation
  • Modern approach

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