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Here are 9 simple tips which can help your web design stand out from the crowd, draw visitors in and keep them engaged.  To do this your website should be;

1 Visually appealing
In many cases a website is the first port of call for a client or customer looking to buy products or services. They will make an instant judgement of your business based on the impression your website creates. This thought process takes less than a minute! meaning an eye catching design is vital for online sales and customer engagement. Good use of colour, space, graphics and information is essential... please see our work for visual examples of how this is achieved.  

2 Driving the user journey
In the first few seconds of visiting your site the user needs to quickly identify, who you are, what you do and how you can help or they will simply move on with their search leaving you behind. Key messages and calls to action should stand out in the design of your website seamlessly linking from one area of interest to another. This helps to the viewer get to know your company better, helping them to determine it is your product or service that they want to buy.

3 Easy to use 
Make the user journey clear and easy to follow. Include important information in the navigation and make it easy to return to. Use direct titles and calls to action e.g. “learn more” and “contact us”

4 Informative - make sure you provide useful information on your site that is concise and relevant. Develop a content marketing plan. The plan should identify key themes matching them to pivotal dates and the best channels to publish them on.

5 Professional 
People only engage with what they trust, leave your viewer feeling secure you that know your industry and are a reliable company or organisation to work with. Using client testimonials throughout your site creates real endorsement of your brand and informs the prospect of what you are capable of. 

6 Adaptable 
It is important that your website can meet modern demands, meaning it needs to look great and offer full functionality on any device. Using the correct technology is essential to reaching your target audience now and in the future. Depending on your business/organisation different approaches may be used including, mobile responsive and mobile-first designs. 

7 Functional 
It is important that your site looks great and is easy to use but it also has to deliver the right level of functionality for your target audience for example the ability to enquire, purchase or apply online. View our case study!

8 Social 
Your website needs to do the talking before you do. Draw people to your site using plenty of useful and interesting content and enable it to be shared on a variety of channels.

9 Approachable 
Give your website some personality, reflect who you are and what you do. Put faces to names, introduce them to your prospects using pictures and short biographies. Make sure it is easy to find contact information such as phone numbers and emails. 

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