How to Create a Dynamic Launch Event

So you’ve spent years, planning and creating your product. You’ve got a refined marketing plan and a budget in place. As part of the marketing you want to launch with a real bang. You want to create a dynamic launch event; an exciting and interactive experience for your guests and VIPs.

The launch event is really important as it’s the first time many buyers, shareholders or customers will see the product. It has to be seamless, memorable and exciting. That’s where we come in…

As experienced designers and #eventprofs we’ll ensure you get the right look, the right technology and the right support pre, during and post event using a few simple steps.

Dynamic Launch Event Animation

Get The Look

Branding your venue creates that initial buzz and excitement for your guests. It makes them feel like they are here for something interesting, special, exclusive. What is more it creates brand awareness and can be used to communicate key messages.

Spot The Difference

Be Innovative

We know that over 90% of messaging to the brain is visual, so use it! Embrace video, digital signage, banners and more. Let potential customers interact with the product, through trials, simulations or live demonstrations. Reach them on every level at every stage of the process.

At the event itself add fun, unexpected surprises that will make the launch event memorable and get people talking.

Use a Capable Team

With all the planning and detailing in the world there is always room for human error. You need a team who are switched on and plan for plan failing! You need tech savvy creative people who will ensure your event runs smoothly and is remembered for all the right reasons.

Working with Us

We can help with everything from your product branding to its promotion and launch. With over 20 years’ experience providing creative, design and event services for national and international business we know our stuff. Our services include; 

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