Traditional induction definitely has its place. Classroom teaching can never be entirely substituted but eLearning is a great way to compliment the delivery and practice. This goes for a wide range of learning from school, college and University to global brands.

Having delivered eLearning modules for SAKs Hair and Beauty, Hull University and the International Olympics Committee and more, we know a bit about it!

There are so many benefits to using eLearning, it can really boost the delivery and outcomes of your teaching and training creating a more dynamic representation of your business. For those in HR it can be a godsend.  It is modern, flexible, measured and most importantly engaging meaning you can track how much of the induction, training, policies & procedures your new and existing staff have truly understood. Gone are the days of leaving new recruits with a large manual you know they won’t really read. Here is the time of impressive online connection. Using eLearning for staff inductions gets new team members engaged with your organisations, core values from the start, it shows them career paths and enthuses them about the company they are going to be working for. It also gives you a piece of mind that the new recruit knows the sick pay policy or for example how to book a holiday or report abuse.

In short it’s a fantastic tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. With so many benefits including being easily updatable, no need to re-print the whole staff guide 1000 times, a simple change can be made to the modules to keep legislation up to date. Modules can be added and removed in keeping with company changes.

So how does it measure up to the traditional approach? See for yourselves…


 E Learning Infographic


Want to know more about eLearning and how it can benefit you, get in touch and book your free demonstration. 

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