Gamification is a process that takes game mechanics, techniques which have been proven to motivate and engage users and applies them to other platforms including e-learning

These techniques are used to;

  • enhance user experience
  • accomplish business objectives
  • achieve measured outcomes

Gamification is an accepted and growing trend within the e-learning industry and the use of it in our bespoke designs has been well received by our clients. We use various gaming techniques but we have found the following highly successful;


These can be short or long-term and are often set through missions or challenges. This gives users a purpose for interaction and a quantifiable value from the overall experience. These tasks can be measured and recognised by achieving badges.


Are used in e-learning to create evidence of accomplishments for both the learner and the training provider or company. Badges work as an incentive to the learner to complete each activity or module and move onto the next. This increases their engagement and helps them to focus and retain information.

Fast Feedback

By giving users a quick response for example to congratulate them for reaching a goal or achieving a badge encourages them to continue to the next step, to win the next badge or reward.

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