E-learning is a useful tool for any business or organisation. It delivers interactive, user friendly online training platforms with measurable learner outcomes. 

Compared to traditional training methods it offers increased and demonstrable  

  1. Engagement & retention
  2. Flexibility
  3. Cost reductions
  4. Learner outcomes
  5. Streamlined messaging

1. Engagement & Retention

At First Media, we understand that people learn in different ways and have adapted our products to meet a variety of learning styles. We use the latest industry techniques including Gamification which offer learners incentives e.g badges, when they complete a task. We keep learners engaged through real life scenarios, illustrations, video, multiple choice questions and much more!

2. Flexibility

The pace of modern life has changed the way we access information and along with it has changed the approach to training and education. Whilst e-learning has been around for some time now, the latest techniques offer a versatile way of teaching which can be used on any device in any location. This means learners can access the information in a training environment, on their commute or in the comfort of their own home from anywhere in the world. 

3. Cost Reduction

For organisations who need to deliver training to multiple locations to hundreds of learners, e-learning offers an attractive solution. Our e-learning products are SCORM compliant which means the material created will work on any Learning Management System (LMS). This means there will not be any hidden costs for additional development work. Once you have a bespoke, branded e-learning platform developed it can be easily adapted and added to keep up with current information and legislation as required.

Other cost reductions include reduced;

  • travel costs
  • accommodation, venue and hospitality costs
  • consultant/training delivery fees

It also creates less disruption to the working day as the courses can be done out of office hours. 

4. Measurable Outcomes

Our e-learning products have great functionality which can access and record the learners knowledge and can be filtered creating reports on the individual learner.

5. Streamlined Content

E-Learning ensures that the same content can be delivered simultaneously to all users making it an efficient learning resource. This means key messages and learning delivery can be supplied to multiple offices and locations across the globe ensuring consistency throughout the company or organisation if required.

Our Approach

E-learning can be adapted to meet your needs. At First Media all of our materials can be translated into multiple languages. Our clients have saved thousands of pounds each year following initial development. The savings come from new content being easily added or taken out of the modules as without having to redesign, but don't take our word for it, please view a case study of our work with SAKs Hair & Beauty

For more information on the products and services we offer or for an e-learning demo, please contact us by calling 01507 607783 or email hello@firstmedia.co.uk


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